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Bordoflex Corrugated Side Wall

Bordoflex Corrugated Side Wall

Conveyor Belt Parts

When fitted with Bordoflex Corrugated Side Wall the Big Bear and Aeon-50 conveyor belts have significantly increased carrying capacity.

It can be fitted to the edge of the belt, takeup 50mm of the belts width on each edge whilst giving it both stability up to 80mm high and flexibility to go around any drum diameters 2.5 times the height of the material. 

Bordoflex is ideal for use in combination with cleats giving you increased and secure carrying capacity. 

Bordoflex can be fitted to a large range of our stock products or can be supplied in Polyurethane complete with a foot for easy adhesion to any PVC or Polyurethane surface by using a suitable contact adhesive.

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Ammeraal Conveyor Belting are manufacturers of homogeneous Big Bear Polyurethane & Amra Polyester Conveyor Belting. To compliment this range we also stock a high quality range of PU and PVC plied conveyor belting suitable for a variety of applications.