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Centre Drive, Fixed Length, Bi-Directional Conveyor


Centre Drive, Fixed Length, Bi-Directional Conveyor


The conveyor is suitable for two-directional use, with one drive motor. 

Additional RETURN-WAY ROLLER SUPPORTS can be added to suit the length. Relevant considerations from the design guide of 

the long horizontal conveyor should be observed.

Sprockets need to be laterally constrained to their respective shafts.

Roller supports must be present on either side of the drive sprocket to ensure a maximum contact area of 165° with the belt when running in either direction. 

One snub roller should be located at the end of the drive roller of a bi-directional conveyor. Additional rollers can be used to support excess belt accumulation.

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Our flat, and positive driven, homogeneous conveyor belting combine the advantages of conventional, modular and solid conveyor belts without the hygiene issues.

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Our conveyor belts comply with the most stringent international standards, are AQIS, FDA and USDA approved for contact with raw and cooked foods, perfect for use in all food processing industries including:

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Ammeraal Conveyor Belting are manufacturers of homogeneous Big Bear Polyurethane & Amra Polyester Conveyor Belting. To compliment this range we also stock a high quality range of PU and PVC plied conveyor belting suitable for a variety of applications.